Polka dot pillows…

From whence they came, I did not know, but they have brightened up my day….and I want to say… thank you. The unexpected box arrived while I was away. Brooke who was checking in on the house asked me if I had ordered anything from Wayfair? I responded with , “not that I can remember?” … More Polka dot pillows…

The Care Gift….

As with most plans, there arises the unexpected, and from that… the outcome of what you thought would occur…. changes….often times dramatically. The rise and fall of her chest indicated that she is sleeping peacefully. Her mouth hangs ajar, her lips are pink, and the occasional snore creates sound in the otherwise ominously silent room. … More The Care Gift….

Take a staycation….

The architecture of this nest is intricately and wonderfully beautiful. It was located high up on my lights out in front of my house. The owner of this nest had good intentions to be sure. It was carefully sheltered underneath the highest peak of the roof, away from rain, snow, and too much wind, or … More Take a staycation….

New foundations …..

Glowing, warmth and the way it streams in the windows in the late afternoon bathing it’s shafts of lovely light which pours onto everything it lands upon. The shadows are minimal, and seem embarrassed as they stretch to hide away. They are the inside of the box, and where the sun glows and reaches is … More New foundations …..