“Don’t run the wrong race…”


(This you tube link above goes to the sermon ).. I think

“Don’t run the wrong race .” This phrase was so impactful this past Sunday .

I sat in church alongside my good friend Laura. It was good to be back. She had a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and I had already finished two cups of coffee ahead of time, so I was woke…or so I thought.

It was a beautiful Colorado type Winter’s morning. To me as a Canadian, living in Canada, it felt almost balmy out. The color of the sky is the brightest blue denim, that fades only slightly to a worn denim as your eye is drawn to the horizon line.

I have to brag on Colorado . So much sunshine here it feels almost like it has to be a movie, it’s that good. I think personally they ought to steal the logo, “sunshine state” from Florida because there is a ton of bright sunny days out west here in Colorado, not that there isn’t in Florida… however.. this state is my favorite.. hands down.

Perhaps I should be employed by the ministry of tourism here, because I could go on and on. If you haven’t been, you must put it on your bucket list of ” to do’s” and if you don’t have a bucket list, then get on it , time is a wasting away and ” Time waits for no man.”

This service inspired me, so I included it at the front end of this blog. I would have put it at the conclusion, however I’m not exactly sure how to do such a thing.

I knew I was beginning my journey back to Canada on Monday, and actually would arrive there the following day on Tuesday.

In retrospect, trying to save a buck, or several really, I took more of the obstacle marathon way home . I get blinded by the cheaper flights, and forget to add up the amount of added hours I’ll be traveling to my destination..

Well… after a 7 hour layover in New York from 12am-7am, I got to know the waiting area rather intimately . Really didn’t think this one through .. There was me and two other souls trying to find a comfortable spot as we lay strewn across not plush red plastic seats, with a hard side table in the middle . As with many experiences, the immediate gratification of cheaper flights got swallowed up in the reality of a crink in my neck and back from sleeping in a pretzel like formation with my head resting on my ski vest ..and no my teeth are not brushed either.

I just may now be too old to live in,

“The Terminal” like Tom Hanks in that movie. It does kinda make me want to watch it again though.

Wait… I digress.. how unusual .

It occurred to me that it is often more desirable to try and find the short cuts in our lives. I want the diet that allows me to eat chocolate, red wine, bread and cheese, never exercise, and never put on a pound. I don’t want to have to work at it. I want the ” short cut.” If they advertise a pill, or an invention that lets me do whatever, and there not be pounds of consequences, well then… sign me up.

Putting in the work feels too hard. I’m lazy. I want to lay on the couch, and watch movies, under a fluffy heated blanket with a big mug of cinnamon spiced apple tea. That sounds sublime .

I realized after listening to this guest speaker on Sunday, that I don’t want to run the wrong race . I want to get to the finish line, and know I gave it my all . I don’t want to give up before the Promised Land.

I get tired, and discouraged… and triggered.. big time. Then I fall down the well of desolation and despair in a hot minute, and the tears flow, and the fear slides in like a slippery snake and threatens to steal my joy. ….No serpents allowed .

This guest pastor reminded us to say ” Rak Chazak” the Hebrew phrase for ” strong and courageous.”

It was inspiring, and a good reminder to be bold, have faith , step out into the unknown . You are not alone. You never were. Live today..because tomorrow may not come , and being uncomfortable in a thing causes us to move… forward… and forward is good.

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