A bit about me…

I enjoy creating….designing interiors, blogging, taking random photos, walking around in the great outdoors, biking, anything on the water, and spending time with friends and family.  I exist to travel and have spontaneous adventures.  I have been referred to as the “tumbleweed,” and I am ok with that. 

Also caregiving….and the importance of supporting one another through all of the stages of life.

This blog is about living life with a special needs daughter, the challenges that blossom every single day, and it is also about daily grief.

There is healing after loss, and my words are raw and often unedited…sorry for the grammatical errors, run on sentences, and unique use of punctuation.

Writing has been part of my salvation journey…

4 thoughts on “A bit about me…

  1. What beautiful reflections of our Father in heaven you have been shaped by Jill that have contributed to your radiance! Love you so much! Miriam


    1. Thanx Mim….it feels good and therapeutic to write about these thoughts..love you so much..and your Mamma was certainly one of the amazing Aunts(caregivers) of which I spoke..What an extraordinary woman she was….simply beautiful in all ways..xo


  2. What beautiful luck to have met you and conversed this sunny afternoon at YYC terminal enroute to exciting adventures!
    Keep shining Jillian— you are a beautiful light!

    ❤️Kristin from Kamloops


    1. Thank u Kristen😋. I feel the same.. it was a delight meeting you today, and sharing a brief moment in time in friendly conversation.. I think it was very “Brene Brownesque,” of us… perhaps we would make her proud going out into the “ wilderness!” and having some new adventures..

      I just finished her book on my last leg..really a good read.. Have a blast in Nashville!


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