A Cottage Tale….

It can be said, that coming down to the  dock, trying not to slip on the soggy weathered plank decking on my way, was a challenge… Balancing a cup of coffee in one hand and a wayward beagle was another. So, by the time I planted myself in a big “muskoka chair”down  by the water … More A Cottage Tale….

Get Out…….

I have been pondering how to tell about this happening in my family’s life for over two weeks now, and still the right words to explain it are eluding me.  It is a miracle I believe, and yet, it is so precious, and sacred I almost cannot speak of it. Logan went to bed late … More Get Out…….

My brain fog….

The day is damp, and the air hangs heavy.  I can feel the moisture on my skin, and the fir  trees are laden down with a bounty of pine cones. Droplets of water cling to the branches, and the street is quiet still…., The big work equipment has not started up their engines yet, cutting … More My brain fog….

Enjoy the ride……

Enjoy the ride, and sedate your beagle if you have one.   Ha…now don’t judge because she doesn’t particularly like the car.  When Logan, and his friend Nick, and I drove down to Colorado Springs to first meet little “Matilda” the beagle, she threw up in the “Handicrap van” within a few miles of driving … More Enjoy the ride……