The Tangled Garden….

  The heaviness and humidity in the air hangs like thick  jello pudding, dripping off your skin, sticky, and uncomfortable. That sensation that comes upon you in the summer time ,when even the bugs can’t be bothered to fly about, because the air just feels too oppressive. The only expedient solution would be to dip … More The Tangled Garden….

100 days…..

The Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast Inn is a well appointed century home, set upon lush green lawns, with a gracious front porch where It’s possible to live all summer ….camping out on the soft couch. There’s a rustic coffee table with white petunias set upon it. It’s that old style wide and creaky wooden … More 100 days…..

What a drag….

Queen  of the North, is  just one of the titles that she has been given,  She/He is a son, a friend, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, and a grandson too. She is known as Brooklyn Htyes, a drag queen, and is also my cousin Brock, who was my perfect little ring bearer from over … More What a drag….