Rainy with a chance of sun …

The plan to go boating takes some thinking ahead. What will the day ahead be like , and is there a chance of not so good weather? What are the odds that we will encounter water? 100% from beneath us, but what do the heavens’ above tell us?

The forecast can be tenuous or it can bid glad tidings of a wonderful sunny day just waiting to be explored upon the horizon. It just depends who you listen to, or what you decide to believe.

10% chance of rain . I’m feeling lucky . We all were. These seem like good odds. There is palatable excitement in the air. We are texting back and forth, and planning food and libations.

The thinking, and pondering, and planning brings a smile of the looking forward to a day spent with good friends out on the waves . I can’t even perceive anything that I would look forward to more.

The sky is a deep Colorado blue, and yes this is a color, or at least it should be in my box of crayons. If you have seen it then you know the shade of which I speak . It’s just pure and uplifting, and with the grays and browns, and terracotta shades of the Rocky Mountains as a western backdrop, it is a virtual feast for the eyes.

It lights up your senses, and brightens your spirits, and invites you to enjoy the day outdoors. Come to think of it, most days are like this , and I ain’t lying. This is Colorado and I love it.

The sun boldly shines forth, and the fluffy clouds dance about thrilled to be included in the festivities. Grey is not allowed amongst the blue and white, it doesn’t belong, and would not be welcome.

The palate is set, and after all, today is the day to live and love and be present . There is no promise of tomorrow, just now.

There were just a few boats out on the lake, and the day was filled with promise . The air held the scent of ripened grass and grain, and the subtlety of pine filled our nostrils. The culmination is an intoxicating aroma to fill a girl up .

The country duet song by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton has been replaying in my ears of late, ” You can’t make new old friends.” It’s worth taking a listen to even if you despise Country music because the lyrics ring true.

The motor boat was unloaded from trailer to water by Jocelyn and Steve, like true professionals. What a couple team they are. The truck was parked, and we set sail, or we set off, something like that .

A few of us decided to get in the water, and dove off the bow and back of the boat. The result was glorious and just the right amount of coolness. It was refreshing. Jocelyn mentioned that the lake was around 82 degrees. It was a cool dip that refreshed the skin, and made me want to float on my back and lift my eyes skyward.

We girls decided we should attempt a little impromptu amateur water ballet, and as it so happened just simply floating on our backs, and touching toes and not sinking was a tad bit of a challenge.

Also it is best that laughing and floating while attempting water acrobatics is not the best concept since you tend to swallow up a bit of the lake, which is never the desired result . Laughter is however..the best medicine, and is highly encouraged no matter what space you’re find yourself in.

Not to be out done, Pete needs to photo bomb us girls , not that we truly minded . Our spirits were soaring.

Pete had downloaded 80’s tunes, and as Jocelyn, Pete and Steve took to the surf board, Val and I danced about on the boat encouraging their antics .

Steve striking a pose, snd enjoying the surf

I have never tried this surfing behind the boat. It looks fun, but also I suspect it is a great deal more challenging then it looks. These peeps make it seem easy.

Pete decided while we were munching pistachios in the boat to toss a few to Jocelyn upon the surfboard. She caught them.. amazing. Then a few big cherries came her way, and she caught those too. We then repeated this activity when Pete was surfing. Multitalented folks I tell ya.

Jocelyn grooving out to the 80’s…

Clouds decided to roll in , and before we knew it, we were being pelted by raindrops. This happened several times throughout our day. It would be sunny, and then without warning, and often times with invisible clouds above us the water from the heavens would descend.

My most favorite part of our excursion happened in what I perceive to be quite an organic way. We were under the canopy singing along to 80’s tines, when a song was chosen, entitled

“Ain’t no grave” ( live) Bethel music and Molly Skaggs/Victory sounded out. Pete remarked that our friend Susie had played it loud during sunset one day when they were all together.

There we were , 5 of us in a ski boat in the middle of the lake, some huddled under towels, as there was a chill in the air because of the teardrops of rain that pelted down from the now darkened skies. We blared out this song, and sang it out until it felt like our lungs would burst . There is promise in this song. There is hope and the destiny of heaven . It is powerful . Tears flowed from us girls, and we held hands, and jointly comforted one another amidst our singing. Pete stood out back in the rain, eyes lifted to the skies, face pelted by water, and sung the song full out.

It was a spontaneous act of worship . My Dad would have loved the impromptu hymn sing that occurred, the 80’s sing -a-long, well, not quite as much .

The outpouring of our hearts and voices, mixed with the power of the rain filled skies, is not soon an experience that I will ever want to forget .

Friendships that have been forged and implanted years ago, some that have suffered marriage challenges, financial burdens, loss of children, divorce, mental health difficulties, drug addiction… and the list goes on…

But… the hope of glory spurns us on and binds us to one another in a glorious bond of sister and brotherhood that has lasting and eternal implications.

” Friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them.”

There is something in laughter and singing out loud with wild abandon that is healing and transformative. I bet the endorphins that are elicited from both these two experiences cannot be quantified .

The moral of the story.. sing out loud.. who cares if you are off key … and laugh until your sides and cheeks hurt . Be with your people, make the days count…

5 thoughts on “Rainy with a chance of sun …

  1. Thanks for this, Jill. On a day when Jean and I are isolating because of having Covid it was uplifting to see your joy and that of your friends. You captured the mood perfectly with your skilful writing. Your Dad would definitely approve!


  2. I’m so sorry that you and Jean have covid..ugh..the wretched stuff.. Thank you for your words of encouragement today. I appreciate your comments. My Dad hummed and sang to himself often. I loved when he threw impromptu hymn sings. His joy was palpable. These are two of my favorite characteristics about him. He loved to laugh..and to sing. Now his joy is full..as is my Mums’. I hope you guys are on the mend soon.


  3. It was the most glorious day ever! So much love and laughter all around. What rain? Did it rain? šŸ˜˜šŸ’•šŸ˜Ž


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