The Tear Jar…..

It’s called a lachrymatory, or a tear jar . It is ” a tear jar or tear vase.” I have heard about tear jars before, and if I search on Etsy, or on the Internet, there are lots of versions of this concept. Some are large, and kinda crafty looking, while others are like this … More The Tear Jar…..

Up with the birds….

I waited… in the still.. in the quiet, straining to hear when they would commence their singing. At precisely 4:10 it began. The lovely chorus strained through the closed window, and enveloped me as I lay reading an old weathered novel with dog eared pages, and coffee smudges on the cover. It is encouraging to … More Up with the birds….

The call…

I sat down on the painted wooden bench in the mud room determined to brave the outdoor chilly weather . This requires intention and perseverance. I don’t want to go out there, at all, and every which way I turn, there are valid excuses that I don’t have to do this …except… I know it … More The call…

All snowed in….

The absolute wonder of it all.. this fluffy white and intricately detailed snowflakes that are falling from a rather light grey sky. It’s a tad foreboding, and yet the grey is enveloping, and makes me want to create a blanket fort on the couch, and hunker down beneath layers of soft blankets. It’s quiet, and … More All snowed in….