An Angel in the trash ….

April showers. The rain is necessary, but casting a dreary heavy grey sky above. I didn’t feel like taking a walk, which is exactly why I did .

The scent of warm wet pavement permeating my nostrils gave promise of Spring blooms that would follow. Once I made the decision to walk into town there was purpose to my stride . I needed to go to the pharmacy, and collect a few items.

The things you force yourself to do often end up blessing your socks off. Morning surprises can be around the next corner, and so I stroll expectantly with my eyes glancing back and forth .

The birds chirping at the beginning of day break, and really much before the dawn rises, brings promise and hope.

There happen to be a few welcoming coffee shops along the way, and I decide that since the early lunch hour is approaching, sounds of grumbling coming from my tummy invites me in to one for a cappuccino and a sammich wrap. Sitting high on the cushioned bar stool I observe the world going by, and notice there is a Scottish thistle resting atop my caffeine beverage, and this small decorative motif brings a smile . ” It’s the little big things. “

I like to look forward to things, but who doesn’t ? When the day starts with sun shining through the windows it gives me a boost of energy, however when all of my lights need to be on when it’s morning, I find there is a struggle in my mindset to lift my eyes up, and not want to lay on the couch under a worn much frayed beige blanket, and just get through the day in a resigned way.

“The jittery chicken wrap”. Truth be told I wanted it simply because of the name. It was grilled chicken, with candied onion/balsamic glaze, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and some kind of creamy deliciousness mixed throughout. Accompanied by salty kettle chips…which is always a yes in my book.

Taking it all in, and feeling grateful that I had gone out into the dreary of the day . Patrons were sitting and enjoying coffee and snacks at ” Equator Coffee.” The atmosphere was pleasant, and calm. the way in which the mindset can do a 180 when we just take the next steps into the unknown of the moment.

Zipping up my black all weather jacket I opened the glass door to step out onto the sidewalk. There were a few souls about getting their exercise in. There had been so much rain and wind in the last few weeks that there were multiple piles of branches, and stacked up stumps of wood, and logs at the end of many peoples’ driveways.

I’m always on the lookout for decorative branches, and creative pieces of wood 🪵 that are interesting. So much beauty in the fallen .

There she was. What was it anyway? It was a grey form that lay among the enormous stack of wood at the end of the driveway. It was face down, whatever it was. It was in the refuse pile, and I couldn’t even stop myself if I wanted to. I reached forward into the branches and turned the thing over.

The thing, as it turns out was a cast aside Angel . She was in perfect condition. Why had someone discarded her? There was a story to tell. I was stunned. Her hands were placed over her heart in the most reverent, and promising way .

I tucked her under my arm and continued onward . She was meant for me. An Angel in the trash . I have no qualms about seizing treasures where I find them . Life is both a treasure hunt and an obstacle course. What a gift this Angel was.

I have not as yet decided where she will live, but for now she sits on my desk looking over all that I do while seated there. Her wings are ready to open and take flight, the folds of her cloak are held by a sash, and with her left foot peaking out from the hem of her garment she steps forward. There is serenity in her gaze, and her wavy long curls flow about her shoulders.

“There is healing in his wings “

The unexpected and welcome treasures are to be found in the most dismal and strange locations.

I do some cooking at Hospice Kitchen, and it has been my privilege to cook and serve guests with terminal illness that come to the day program. The chef is always creating sumptuous and tasty food, and she takes such care in all that she does. I’m learning so much from her. It’s a solemn and joyful place to be. These people are courageously voyaging out into the world knowing that their days on this earth are drawing to a close . I see courage and resilience and love on their faces. They are inspiring. Different ones have passed , and their seats are replaced with new guests. There is so much good and grace and care in people . Being in service to others is soul satisfying, and often exhausting, but so worth it.

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