Shelter in place

Shelter in place when the bullets start flying.

We had enjoyed a home cooked meal which consisted of juicy brisket, smothered in a rich sauce, oven roasted mini red potatoes, and sautéed Brussel sprouts in olive oil and garlic, sweetened with caramelized brown sugar, and cracked black pepper and salt .

Since a satisfying food coma had descended upon all of us, we retired to the adjacent couches, where we enjoyed some tv viewing, and chit chat.

There may or may not have been napping involved by others, but I know that I was certainly groggy. We were feeling satisfied and enjoying one another’s company.

There is nothing more satisfying then enjoying every day moments with your kids. Zach, Logan and Allison were there, along with Kaylee, the adorable Australian shepherd.

It was about 11 pm when Logan spoke up that it was probably time to make a move, and for he and Allison and the doggie to head back home, and feed their kitty, Bonkers.

Logan opened up the stained glass front door, and sauntered out to his truck to warm it up .

The next moments are a hectic series of events.

As Logan describes it, he heard a whirring or a whistling sound pass by him in succession. He instinctively knew to crouch down below his vehicle taking cover behind his opened door.

Allison was also out on the lawn at this time with Kaylee, their Australian shepherd dog. Kaylee was going potty before going into the car.

Logan yelled at Allison,

” Get inside!”

They were hearing gunshots. We were hearing gunshots too.. It was all a crazy blur.

Logan dove back into their car, and drove around the back of the house to the detached garage where he intended to put some of their Christmas belongings in the garage to store them there.

Logan and Allison heard gunshots again while they were in the back alley way by the garage. The garage is detached from the house.

Zach had joined them there and was helping them move their few items into the garage. They did this is a flurry of action.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“We need to take cover.”

The three of them bolted through the back yard, and into the side door of the yard.

There was tension, and an air of harried expectancy in the air. Logan began giving instructions, as well as Zach. Instincts took over, and we knew to protect ourselves.

” We were being shot at out there… get low, turn off the lights, shut the blinds, talk quietly. “

As a flurry of rushed excitement surrounded us, we flew into action. I inadvertently sat on the tv remote in my crazed excitement, which caused it to blink back to life.

” Mum turn it off… where’s the remote?”

In my nervousness and fear, I was frozen. I hadn’t a clue I was sitting on it .

Immediately Logan vaulted over the couch, and yanked the cord out of the wall with one swift tug, then jumped back, and crouched down low.

We huddled together down on the living room floor then Logan gave us further instructions.

” Mum, you and Allison crawl into the laundry room, and hide there. “

” Stay away from the windows, and speak quietly.”

We didn’t ask any questions. Allison and I commando crawled on our bellies along the cool wood like floor where we settled with our backs against the wall in the laundry room . I was squeezed in beside the hot water heater, and Allison settled in right next to me . At this point Zach and Logan had moved into Zach’s room, and were collecting weapons for protection from the gun safe. I couldn’t see what they were doing but I knew they were arming themselves, and preparing for whatever might be coming next .

They were prepared. They were in protect their family mode . They had good instincts, they trusted them, and acted upon them . They were brave. They were ready . They were a ” band of brothers.”

Much was unknown .

Zach stayed poised in the his bedroom in his doorway, and Logan was on high alert in the doorway across the hall from the laundry room where Allison and I were camped. Everything was dark in the house.

We all collectively held our breathing in check I think for what would come next.

I could here Zach on the phone as he placed the call to 911 to report the shots that we had heard. He spoke in quiet calm tones to the person on the phone .

It was all dark in the house. Only the street lamp shone through the glass of the front door giving us some orange illumination.

We whispered back and forth.

After Zach had called “911” and reported that we had heard shots fired. The police told him that others had called in the same report.

He was told that we were to “shelter in place.”

I had heard these words before, but had never been instructed to do this myself.

There was an eerie foreboding expectancy in the air as we waited.

I’m not entirely sure how long we sat there, but I know my tail bone was starting to get very uncomfortable sitting on the hard floor. I kept readjusting myself while seated in beside the hot water heater and Allison.

All of a sudden we heard rapid gun fire in succession. It sounded like repeated popping sounds echoing through the night air. I grabbed Allison’s hand, and whispered,

” God please protect us.”

My hands were sweating, and there were tears that sprang into my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shut, and kept praying for us.

The sounds stopped. Dead silence.

Logan and Allison told each other that they loved each other, and we all exchanged these sentiments to one another. It was a time in space to not let words of love go unspoken. This was an intimate exchange.. because we just did not know what was happening, and we were in shock with the current state of affairs that we found ourselves in .

Zach checked in with police on a ” non emergent number” several times. We needed updates, anything to let us know what to do next. We were collectively holding our breaths, and waiting for more gunshots.

It continued to be eerily quiet outside.

Zach kept being given the same response,

” shelter in place.”

The police would ask for his name and address, but said very little to him, other than to say that others from the area had reported shots being fired.

By this point I really needed to use the bathroom. I told Logan this, and asked if he thought I could?

He responded, ” do you have a bucket?”

” yes I’m sure I do in the laundry room but I really don’t want to use it.”

I understood that he wanted me to stay put, snd stay safe. He was in very strong protective mode. I understood it, and respected it.

We continued to wait . A myriad of thoughts fought for prominence in my brain . I was calm, and there was a great sense of comfort that my sons had taken control of the situation, and I was protected. We were secure . I could feel it . We were together in this volatile situation, precariously in awe of what would happen next .

There was no movement from outside our front door.

What was happening ? We hadn’t a clue.

We knew to stay still.

I am not sure how long we waited there huddled in our space, but eventually I really needed to get to the bathroom. It was maybe 3:00 am by this point.

I crawled into the bathroom closing the door quietly and slowly behind me, and not turning on any lights.

Afterwards, I crept to my bedroom which was adjacent to the bathroom, and slid into my bed covers. My bed is a dark brown pine stained one with four tall posters. It is an antique. It creaks when you move on it . I attempted to make minimal motion, so a their was less noise.

Zach said, ” Mum don’t fall asleep, sit up.”

“Ok I will.”

Zach placed more calls to the police to find out any more information. He was instructed yet again to shelter in place.

All continued to be quiet. No more gunshots.

We wondered if someone had not been killed. It certainly sounded like a battle of some kind had occurred outside our doors somewhere pretty close to us.

How could this be? We were in a surreal situation .

I couldn’t stay upright any longer , so leaned back down onto my soft cool pillow. I didn’t think I had slept, but then there came a knock on the front door.

Interesting side note. For the last few weeks I have had repeated dreams of someone knocking on the door, or the door bell ringing… then I would wake up . Curious coincidence.

After hearing the knock jumped up, and started down the hall with jagged footsteps and in a sleepy haze.

” Mum, stay back, don’t answer that,”

Logan whispered loudly from where he and Allison had been laying on the leather couch in the front room.

I could see a dark figure at the door.

We didn’t answer it.

The person went away.

This was about 4:30 am.

Logan said that if that was the police then they should have said so . He said there was no way that he was answering the door in these circumstances.

This made sense. Better to be safe. Sometimes there are no second chances.

Zach was sound asleep at this point. Logan had come to try and rouse him, but he was snoring, and in a deep sleep.

After a bit, Allison had found out that there was a fatality. The person who had instigated the shooting had been killed . Apparently he had shot at police when they had arrived on the scene, and they had returned fire.

That explained the rapid and in succession gunfire that we had heard, then the silence immediately afterwards.

We all kind of napped after that, relieved that this nightmare was over.

It generally helps me to write words down, as they seem to make better sense as I see them in front of me . Writing today, these words seem to be just a news story that I have regurgitated over again.

This happened just 8 days ago .

This is the truth of this experience, as I remember it .

Truth really is stranger than fiction. I’m not sure who said this, but it couldn’t be more accurate.

My sons and Allison have repeated this story multiple times now, as have I. It is a surreal story .

As more details unfold we now know the name of the man who was shot. I am sure we will learn more as the investigation moves forward.

This is not a night I will soon forget . We were protected. There is no doubt about it .

I can picture an army of 10′ tall angels sent to guard our home .

As bullets flew by Logan, he was unharmed.

Our day could have turned out so differently if those bullets had found him .

Kaylee the dog lay quietly without making a sound by Allison’s feet. She didn’t bark, just was our stoic guard, and yet entirely gentle. I kept petting her soft fur, and am amazed at how calming she was to my nerves. Allison pet her too . She knows who her master is. She read the room and behaved accordingly . Such a good girl. Allison trains dogs for a profession , and never have I seen a dog react so well.

We have spoken about this together. So much gratitude that we are all safe, and neither Logan or Allison were harmed.

Thank you God for protecting us..

“A Bullets’ Whisper”-Allison Weller

“Family dinner followed by tv, A night full of laughter, fun and memories. Full bellies, happy hearts, ” better head home, it’s pretty dark.”

A crack of a whip, and a whizz by the ear . ” what was that?? ” Not sure. Best stay clear.”

Go around back, and hear it again. A matter of seconds. Just now or just then?

Get in the car, drive to the front.




The metal flew, the metal sang

Call the cops, Shake with fear, The night is no longer filled with cheer.

Get the guns, Arm the doors, Lights off, Stay on the floor

Red and blue light up the room. Sirens wail and whispers BOOM! Rapid fire right outside. Crawl away we have to hide. Pace your breathing, stay awake, We can’t afford a single mistake

Sudden silence drapes over your head. The line of life and death is merely a thread. Many hours stuck in space. As your mind does nothing but race.

It’s been so quiet. Get some rest. 3 baby birds asleep in Momma’s nest.

Your eyes close. It’s finally done.

Ding dong !Ding dong !The door calls out . But you are stunned

I thought it was over. I thought it was the end. Back to hiding. Here we go again.

Finally an update. The man is dead. How can such harsh words relieve the dread.

Your heart beats back to normal . And your hands no longer shake. Your breathing slows. As the sun starts to wake . “(an original poem by Allison Weller )

The news footage link is included below the photo. It still seems impossible that all this occurred just up our street.

” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death; I will fear no evil , for you are with me . Your rod and your staff ; they comfort me .” Psalm 23:4

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  1. Oh Jill, I am thankful none of you were injured but so sorry for the experience. Was this in Colorado? Love to have, Lisette


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