The Transformation….

The interior of her bedroom was “ all good,” she said.  There was a bed, and layers of covers, and an adjoining full bath, with a multi stone colored counter.  The walls were a light grey, but the room lacked her warmth and sunny personality.

I teased my friend Kathy, that it was like she was living in a dorm room, “ not that there is anything wrong with that!”

We had discussed the idea of re-doing, and re-inventing her bedroom, multiple times, but she never really wanted to be bothered.

Kathy is a giver.  She is a woman with a light spirit inside of her, and she brings joy, and laughter to all persons that she encounters.

I tell her all of the time that she has a gift with her “ seniors,” aka, Don, Joyce and Ken.  Every Wednesday night, she has “Seniors’ Night,” at her house, where she cooks dinner for them, complete with wine, and dessert, and also provides her own “ uber service” door to door.

This is a fun filled, and much anticipated evening, and she gives fully into the evening, even choosing to sedate her rather hyper, and high strung , little ragamuffin dog, “Bo,” for the night.

Her dog is beloved by her, but it’s like he is on a constant sugar high, and even when I’ve sat on her white Italian leather couch, the dog will come and perch on my shoulder like he is a parrot..  Thsnkfully.. he is not the size of a Great Dane!

My point is, she is a deserving person in my estimation, and her Mother, Joyce was very on board, with my helping her to transform her bedroom, and provide the financial backing so that we could move forward.. “thank you Joyce!”

We decided that we would take before and after photos, because that sounded like a blast, and when we were complete, we would have “ the grand reveal!”

A4AE1E77-1BD6-4BC1-A783-52A52B74B992She went into her bathroom, and cane up with this outfit.  We bent over in fits of laughter, especially her blackening Out  one of her teeth! Her profession is a dental hygienist, so this was especially amusing to us.  I was allowed to post this photo, and the following ones too..just in case you were wondering.

She  is a good sport, and can laugh at herself.  We have been friends for probably 40 years or so, so she knows my stuff, and I know hers.. We shall not reveal these historical scenes, even if “water boarding” or other tortuous practices were employed.  We take our secrets , and put them in the vault.

The stage was set… We needed to shop, and come up with our game plan, as to what her design concept was for her new bedroom.

Almost as soon, as we walked into “ Home Sense,” we were finding items that inspired us. I was feeling out just where her tastes lay, and what kind of environment she wanted to create.  I would pick up items, and she would say an exclamation of “YES!,” or “no.. I don’t like that.”  She knows her own mind this girl does.  It was maybe an hour or more later, that our cart was overflowing with possibilities..

We had a vision, and we were bursting with anticipation to get back to her house, and begin.

We needed to pick out paint colors, and purchase some screws, and nails, and borrow a drill, paint rollers, and pan, and we were ready.

I had not thought ahead to bring appropriate clothes to work in, so I borrowed sweats from her daughter, and a old grey weathered “ heavy metal band tee,” from her son.

8FE033E0-A8CA-4987-B32F-47D614D57560As we prepared our work space, and taped off walls, unscrews electrical plates, and began, we chatted away to each other, shared stories, and drew closer, all the while listening to country music play away in the background.

Our project took us a few days to complete.  It was tiring, and inspiring.  As I watched her enthusiasm grow, so did her joy.  Things were changing around her, that she had not thought was important enough to let become something else.

Countless times, she thanked me for re doing her bedroom with her.   It was wonderful for me too.  We were creating beauty, from something that had just been ordinary before..maybe “ beauty from ashes.”  In no way would I have wanted to offend her by offering to improve her sleeping space, but I know her, and she gives of herself,  to many selflessly, in such a beautiful, and loving way, that to see her, receive, was an awesome sight to behold.

The more things came together, and transformed, the giddier she became.  It’s amazing how bringing happiness to others, gives so much to you.  Living life to bring joy, gives the giver wings.

As we completed our home project, she remarked that her room felt like a “ boutique hotel,” and was everything she could have wanted.

The dark charcoal grey velvet chair that we purchased from Ikea, and had to correctly screw legs onto, actually stood very gracefully in the corner of the room.  We wondered about that… These two blondes actually sat holding the four legs and 16 screws, and said, “ we cannot put this together wrong..”  This  is a true story.. we giggled so much about that chair, but it worked out.

It was an invigorating time working together.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing these things.

We are planning to re do her daughter’s room for her 18th birthday, then maybe get busy on her powder room.

There is nothing like making some beautiful from something basic, to inspire changes in other areas of your life.

To get started takes some doing.  I’ve made every excuse in the book, for not moving ahead, or knowing what next to do in life.  I’ve been paralyzed with the unknown ahead, and living a new life.. terrified -actually.

I guess sometimes, it takes a friend to walk beside you, and help pick out your new paint color, help you create a new vision for the next part of your life.  It seems you can become so immersed in your past choices, you are paralyzed to make future ones.  The fear of choosing wrong can choke you out.


Worst case scenario.. I could make the wrong choices, even with the best intentions.. so could my friend, but if our motivation is open, and we are honest with ourselves, some of the best outcomes are possible.

E5FA0D3F-F32B-4991-A5B8-775563D57FA7We felt like King Midas, having the golden touch, and as we spray painted some items gold, Kathy decided that her old dangling silveresque earrings, needed a glittery  coat of paint… Sometimes  a fresh coat of paint, can cause a world of change, and encouragement to a soul that never even knew that was what they needed.


5 thoughts on “The Transformation….

  1. Aahhhh jill – what a fun few days – love you dear – you are so talented – congratulations for accomplishing what I have wanted done for four years – keep ‘em rolling dear one,,,,looking forward to the next transformation -the photos are sooooooo good – now get prepared to wave your magic wand a few more times. 👍👍👏👏❤️❤️🤪🔧🔩⛏🛠

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joyce! It was great fun.. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and spending time with you and Don was the icing on the cake!🍰love you guys so very much! I’ll decorate on your credit card any ole time!!


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