A visit to the “ Apple Store”

It can be a very intimidating first impression when you first step first inside the Apple Store. It is a very clinical  environment, filled with white spaces, and  flat and utilitarian surfaces.


What I noticed first off, was the disappearance of the high lit sign at the rear of the store, that proclaimed that their were “ geniuses” afoot at the “ Genius Bar.”

It was gone.. it had disappeared.  So.. what was I to think?  Had they now caved, and hired persons of a lower intellect?  If this was, indeed the case, could they somehow all collectively be able to fix the screwy things happen to my I- phone 6 plus?  I was left to wonder.

Truth… It used to bug me that it said “ Genius Bar,” at the back of the store.. Really?   If this was the case, then I feel very less than,  just humbly walking in there.  It felt pretty much of an arrogant proclamation, and they better be able to fix my phone us all I’m saying.  Better be able to back up those two words.

I know… I’m probably being sensitive… but there it is.. the cat is out of the bag!

Should I be asking to see an “ IQ” test from each employee for full disclosure, before handing over my precious phone , with all of my important photos, numbers, and … well… life inside of it?

There is a simplicity of design in this store. The facade is clear glass, with only the infamous “siveresque” white Apple logo adorning the entrance.

It is dramatic… talk about living in a glass house.

There are multiple minion Genius employees scurrying about like hampsters on a wheel, and all are cleverly adorned in a solid navy blue, long sleeved tee shirt, with the identifying logo boldly portrayed on their left breast.  It’s very “ Starship Enterprise”looking… (that reference is for all of your Star Trekies out there.)


As far as I can tell, this company is an equal opportunity employer, and being in this store is certainly not an unpleasant experience.  The employees are friendly, and seem proud to work here..

My phone is in the process of being serviced, and whatever else it may require.  I’m perched on the wood look- a -like bar stool, and I’m just taking it all in.  There is a slow and steady hum of voices, and many persons are staring at their individual screens.

When  my eyes scan to the back of the store, there is a massive backlit sign in pure white, with the single word written in “ cursive,” that simply says “ WOW, and I find that I like this much better than the “ Genius Bar,” signage.  This word is adorned with multiple swirls of blue and crimson .  There are multiple starlike designs that are floating around the screen.  They appear to be undulating snowflakes …

Looking below the large sign, my gaze is fastened on a miniature  table sitting  there.. There are no tall barstools, but little “kid like” stools to sit on.  There are three little children  sitting there.  Take a guess what they are all doing?  They are interfacing with the white screen in front of them.  Little fingers are swiping, and gazing, and staring intently at the “plugged in” device in their chubby little fingers.

I feel alarmed all at once…….It rushes into to my consciousness like a freight train.

These kids are not talking to one another, or communicating in any way.  They are hypnotically transfixed by whatever images they are seeing on their flatscreen.”

There are no wooden trains to play with, that used to sometimes exist at the back of stores to entertain little folk.  There was no giggling, no sounds of “ Choo choo,” ringing out between friends.  There was no squabbling over trains, and the occasional raised voice, that declared emphatically, “ mine.. gimme it back….Mom!”

It was silent… eerie type  quiet.  These children were probably 2-3 years old.  They are sitting together like little adults, around a flat desk, and they are looking at computers..

It should not be this quiet…..this organized.  Where is the controlled kaos, and fidgeting of kiddos?   There is a Mother standing behind one of the toddlers, and while one hand is held onto her stroller,the other is scrolling through her phone.  She is half consciously keeping an eye on her toddler in front of her.  I’m not sure where the other parents are,  of the other two little people.

Earlier this week I was installing a “ Roku” device on my Mother’s tv so we could watch Netflicks, and receive some other networks.  The “ Roku” device asked me if I was a robot?  Well.. maybe I’m in danger of becoming one… Even this question disturbs me…

I’m clearly showing my age, and becoming that 50+ year old Mother who sounds old fashioned, and out of touch.  I wonder if we are not losing something of vital importance in this next generation?…. the importance of communication….I mean the face to face good stuff?

When did looking at all of our screens become synonymous with interacting?  It is a poor substitute for other humans.  As far as I know, these devices can’t feel, or sense emotions, so are our little people seeing us do this too much, so much so, that they don’t play the same anymore?

Im not throwing stones by any means, because my daughter had more cd’s than was necessary, and I was often, so thankful that the tv was such a good, and cheap babysitter, and entertainer.

Things seem to slip away right before our eyes, and we may be in a trance like state, and are missing them because we are are so plugged into our devices, that we are missing the importance of being engaged with one another.

Our youth parrot our actions, far more than our words.  I think it’s quite true that “actions do speak louder than words.”

I feel a sudden urge to hope that there is a power outtage in the store, just to see what people will do…

Change happens, and there is so much progress  that occurs in our world with technology.  We can’t stop this, it is enevitable.

I wonder how many people sit alone… at home… surrounded by flatscreens, and owning all of the latest gadgets, but absent of friends, and people to do life with.

They are lonely, and technology is the “ habit,” the comfort that is relied upon to distract us, from “ feeling” the austere absence of human contact….connection.

Connection, and being loved, and caring for others, seems crucial to our very being.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner next week, but so many people will feel desperately lonely, and unloved on this day.  Apparently many, many break ups occur then.


This day brings a lot of heart break, and feelings of being less than…. of not quite  measuring up.  All of the computer gadgets, phones, laptops, and whatever else a person can occupy our time with, is a counterfeit promise to what we need.

To feel loved, and cared about, and feeling important in someone else’s life seems as vital as the oxygen that we breathe.

Being just present in this snow filled day of wonder, and thankful for family, for friends that are dear to my heart, and the sudden feeling of warmth that surrounds your body when you hug a loved one, and share a cup of steaming hot coffee, and a smile… it means so much…

Maybe… just eating.. an actual crisp, tangy apple, instead of settling for an artificial one?

Just a thought…..🍎






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