“Oh -Be -Joyful”

“Oh -Be- Joyful” is the name of a mountain trail in Crested Butte, Colorado . Discovering that this was the name straight off made me want to know infinitely more. It beckoned me forward to discover if “ Oh-Be-Joyful” could indeed induce joy for my soul?

Daisy Pass Trail for dessert perhaps? If it wasn’t considered stealing, and could land me in “ the clink” I might have been tempted to remove this sign and place it somewhere within the walls of my domain. I resisted for these reasons ..

I shall try and express the beauty of this trail, but will say at the onset that words fail me at properly describing its magnificence. It must be greeted, experienced, and breathed in person, there is just no other way around it. To say it was a supreme joy to walk this trail a few weeks back is quite simply a gross understatement.

It was a slightly less blue sky day, then the typical, but never tiring Colorado blue, since there was some smoke from distant fires filling the heavens above. The air was cool, and light. Colorado air just lifts my spirits. I notice taking the trek heaven word that my breathing increased, as I needed more oxygen in my lungs, and I needed to learn to pause, and fill my chest and take deep lasting breaths, filling them, rather than short staccato ones that could make me feel winded quickly.

Meandering along with my friends, never knowing what new exquisite scene awaited us was thrilling beyond description.

The scenery is quite sincerely “ breath taking.” Waterfalls, with crisp, impossibly clear fresh water tumbling over rocks, and spilling down the mountain cause a person to stop…and just let it all envelop the senses. It is awe inspiring, and I kept stopping for lots of reasons, not only because I was huffing and puffing. I did not want to miss one mountain vista, or wild flower that was straining to be noticed . The mountain was showing off, and the proliferation of vibrant colors spilling off floral faces cascaded down and throughout the grassy depths on either sides of the trail .

The sound of the rushing waters…is so calming, serene..peaceful .

“And I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of many waters, and the earth shone with his glory.” Ezekiel 43:2

The dust of the worn down path clung to our shoes, and it was necessary on many occasions to watch for stones, and be careful of ones’ footing as we came right alongside the precipice that would not forgive if your footing was not securely placed.

Thoughts exploded inside my head, as I strained to take in all of this innate beauty. It was clearly impossible . I kept gasping as I gazed from left to right, and up towards the summit.

I mentioned to Pete, Val and Jocelyn, that we would certainly not be so inclined to climb “ Oh be grumpy” if given such a choice . What would be the ever loving point? It would be a daunting venture… no thank you.

That wasn’t an option just in case you were pondering the idea. I don’t believe there is such a named trail… at least I hope not.

Whoever named this trail was on to something. The gentle command was well said.

Photographs just can’t capture this scene. It needs to be walked, explored, and taken in with your hiking shoes…or whatever you choose to place on your feet . I certainly don’t want to appear an expert.

We did not reach the mountain top but we did enjoy the journey all along the way . We stopped for breathers, me, to stretch out my back , and occasionally to break out in singing , “ The hills are alive with the sound of music,” from “The Sound of Music, “ as well as breaking into “ Ode to Joy ..” because,

“ joyful joyful we adore thee God of mercy God of love , hearts unfold like flowers before thee, opening to the sun above.”

Taken from Ludwig Beethoven’s 9th symphony .

Songs escape your lips in this place ….and songs of praise and adoration float forth like there is no other way, and calming flowing song feels like the most natural expression ever.

There is something about being in the mountains that feels closer to heaven, and to the ones that I love and miss. Worship and awe make me dizzy as my mind, soul and body awakens to what it was always meant to do . Being in the wonder of creation, and all that it willingly offers to the pilgrim trekking along this path of life is inspirational .

Drinking water from our water bottles, taking in the sound of water, earth and air, what a glorious thing to be part of this “ Joy Journey.” Deuces baby, “ JJ”….

A happy reminder every time I look down at my wrist that searching for, and being in the “ joy of it all” is infinitely worth pursuing.

There is joy to be found in the million little things that add up to the extravagant big things that can complete your day .

It was a breath of fresh air, and a memory to take with me, that emanates calm and serenity, and peace. It’s a “ go to” when life blows up, blood pressure raises, and the pulse quickens .

So much beauty . To lie down in a field of wild flowers, to listen to the stream, to hear birds, and to breathe deep of the present circumstances is to live fully in the present . It’s a scene of reverence and respect .

Walking through life with friends is one of the best gifts ever…treasure in real time, never to get taken for granted, always revered, and ready to immerse yourself in . “Need a friend… be a friend.”

One thought on ““Oh -Be -Joyful”

  1. Couldn’t agree more ! You have captured in words what I also experience when hiking in the mountains !!
    Thank you !


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