The “Antiquing Amigas..”

It was a treasure hunt amongst the ruins with a wide array of cast away items that needed to find resurrected life in another home.

We were saving them, doing them a favor, these artifacts that caught our eyes, and placed smiles of satisfaction upon our lips.

“Junking,” a term I heard from a friend at least 20 years ago. Kris and her friend, Laurie would go junking every so often, and bring back treasures to re purpose into their places of residence. It was always a treasure hunt.

I determined right then and there, that not only did I like junk, but becoming a “ junker” seemed the most natural next thing to add to my “ to do” list.

My Grandma Hayhoe would just shake her head at my Aunt Joan, and then me, later too, as our affinity for the used, gently worn, and cast away products were on our list of favorite things to find, and give a new life, or repurpose to. The challenge is intoxicating.. finding the deal, or better yet, free item made you feel like you had just won the lottery.. very satisfying to be sure.

There is something about the search for the treasure that tantalizes the seeker, and creates such a buzz of excitement for the hunter.

I had heard about this Antique Fair many moons ago from an advertisement in a Country Living magazine. I remember pointing it out to my Mum, because we loved to buy decorating magazines together and pour over them with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

We would sit atop her bed in the early hours of morning, the tv playing in the background, and plan our next decorating adventure. Good memories that make me smile .

This show we were attending gathered people from all over 4X a year. It was definitely on my bucket list. Why not take the plunge during a pandemic season, wearing a mask, and utilizing hand sanitizer.. seems reasonable. I like sarcasm by the way. We were respectful, and careful.

It is called, “ The Original Round Top Antiques Fair,” and it is located in Round Top Texas.

So many artisans, and vendors lining the streets, out in the fields under tents, and makeshift stores, and miles of choices. It was a staggering sight.

Our visual sense was in operation overload the entire time that we were there. My two friends and I kept commenting on how overwhelmed we were with so much to see. My head was on a swivel, and I had to remember to drive concentrating, and not venture off into the ditch

Giddy with delight at our finds, the rental van was about to get utilized in a whole new way with furniture, and accessories that we would puzzle fit into the back of the van . I knighted myself “the mad packer,” and enjoyed getting it done.

Laura and Val showing our packing prowess

There was still space for our next treasures, and our creative juices were flowing with excitement as we contemplated all there was to behold.

With coffee and tea in hand, we were jittery with expectation. There’s nothing like an adventure to get this girl going, really all of us were “ chomping at the bit,” like crazed horses awaiting the race.

We would not be disappointed. We had spent the night with Skylar and Clay at their new home in Georgetown, Texas. Earlier we met them for dinner at an outside dining Barbeque restaurant. When in Texas, one must have BBQ several times.. I had baked beans, tangy cole slaw, sausage and smoked brisket. I certainly was full up to the top, but it was delicious. Margaritas with salt also seemed like a good choice. We sat on picnic tables underneath an ancient flowing tree with Spanish moss. Such a dreamy location.

Our visit with the newlyweds was wonderful and inspiring. It was great to see these two young people making their way in life.

Laura had secured for us to stay at a place for “ Glamping.” Yes, it’s a thing. A thing I very much like . Such a great concept.

A couple, Sterling and Kaci owned it. There were two buildings with teepees, and refurbished vintage trailers, decorated up to transport a girl to another world.

It was like a big sleepover experience, where we would make new friends.

Bathroom and shower exterior
Our indoor Glamping tent

The bathroom, and shower area, was located in an old airstream trailer

There was no detail that was overlooked. There were even multiple make up mirrors set up on tables with bar stools outside the bathroom area, so as not to have a girl congregation all in one place. A Keurig machine waited for our first cup of coffee. Really.. what more could we want ? We could buy wine and beer at the front desk. It really was adorable .

You could come prepared with your bedding, or pay to have them supply the bedding. It was a unique experience. Some gals came to celebrate a friends’ 50th birthday. They were kind and friendly, and had wine and snacks to share. They definitely were having a good time, no doubt about it.

In the morning there was a trailer outside where we could grab a bite. I had the most delicious sandwich for breakfast.

This kept my batteries charged and at optimum levels, until at least lunch.

We drove to several locations, and saturated our brains, and eyeballs with multiple antique sightings, and there were more items purchased to furnish homes.

On Laura’s wish list for an outdoor fire pit ensemble

Can I just say, that I highly recommend this experience, just in case you were wondering. All of these dealers have shipping available, so that is what we did. The idea was tossed about of driving the furniture back to Colorado, where my two friends’ live ,but in the end they decided to ship it all.

On a return visit, I think I would rent a truck, and fill it it up. There were many rental trucks all over the place. Clearly people trek here time and again to do their shopping for themselves, or for their clients’ homes and businesses.

This event was one of my “bucket list” items, and I’m so glad we made it. We had a riot. Characters were welcome, and we saw many of them. Texans are a friendly bunch of people. I kept telling Val and Laura, “ these are my people.”

Outside of Junk Gypsy one morning, I had arrived 45 minutes before opening time, and my other gals had gone to drop off furniture to be shipped, so I waited on the Junk Gypsy porch. It was a cold day, so I rocked myself in the rocking chair to keep warm. There was a real chill in the air.

Two ladies showed up, 15 minutes later, and I remarked that the store was not open yet. Without missing a beat, we began chatting it up, and they invited me to sit in their truck to stay warm.

Of course, I accepted. I felt safe, and welcomed. We chatted away, and got to know one another. It turned out that the one gal was from an area in Texas where my friend Raschelle had grown up. Such a small world. They were so kind and friendly. I was so thankful for the warm truck, and generous hospitality.

As I left to wait for my ride, one of the ladies, Dawn cane and dropped this tale gate sticker in my bag.. like I said.. I do like these Texas folks.

When the store opened, we parted ways, but then met up in the shoe and boot section, because …well.. shoes .

I did find a pair that had my name on them. I had always wanted a “Junk Gypsy” pair of boots.

It was a whirlwind couple of days, but so rejuvenating. Our last lunch was spent at an outdoor eating area, where there was live music. This young gal got up front with her big plaid blanket coat, and guitar, and sang her heart out.. she was so talented.. and sweet. We clapped, and hooted it up at her, especially Laura, gave her loads of energy and accolades . Her voice was pure, and raspy, with a youthful twang, and a gentle smile. Very endearing young woman she was.

The creativity and talent of people is such a source of encouragement to me. Being in community, and the joy of knowing others, and being known is icing on the cake. People respecting one another through their love of art, and handmade pieces , and good Texas BBQ.

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