Current state of affairs.. on a Tuesday

It’s really the simple things in life that cause it to rise up in your soul, like a ball of sunshine that cannot be contained and must rise in the east.

The darkness slinks away, and the dark ink of night is replaced…as the dawn begins to glow, and ever slowly, and with great promise a new day emerges.. bright, and holding infinite possibility.

Within the spirit of joy, is the contentment factor. If joy was a cell bubble, then contentment would be the nucleus, the center, the core of it all.

The day was sunny and mild, and a blue sky captured the atmosphere, and blew hope into the white scattered clouds. It was a day for a walk.. Few were out on the road as we are to keep at our social distance, for our protection from this corona virus.

A lady walked past my house, and she was more in a gallop, truth be told, with a young white grey husky who pulled her along. If she had been on skies or skates, she would really have been flying.

My well pump is acting up, and losing it’s prime.. There are air bubbles in the line that should not be there.. It is overworking…and becoming overheated..

It would seem that my stint with water in the faucets is on a “ need to know “ basis, and I may not have the proper clearance and know how to know what is ahead.. This ebb and flow with water on, water off has been going on for months now, and seems to be ever evolving.

All I know is that I needed a shower, and a good hair it seemed reasonable to have the fastest most extremely efficient one possible.. this does not include a razor.. too time consuming people, and I could lose water pressure at any point. The clock is ticking, and time is a wasting.

I raced against the time clock inside my head to make sure all vital areas were properly cleaned. Toweling off at close to light speed, I noticed a scent coming from my basement.. something was hot, and it wasn’t me.

I grabbed my robe, and possibly slippers that should have seen the bottom of a trash can by now, and slithered down the stairs… apprehensive as to what I would find.

The well motor was straining away, and the “PSI” gage was registering at 20-22. It was supposed to go to 50-53, and shut off.. well.. ( no pun intended,) the needle was bouncing about on the gage like it could take flight at any moment and pierce my eye socket.. I shut it down.. ( my autocorrect keeps trying to change my “Shut” to “shit.”). This may be telling me where my vocabulary could use some work.

I started to stress, and sweat.. and yes the “sh” was coming out of my mouth like hot lava.. I was so frustrated.. My plumber has been over the last few days, and yes, he is deemed by “ the current state of affairs,” as being an essential worker. He had been working to try and figure out this issue with me.

We had determined yesterday that I needed to replace the “ 120 gallon air compressor tank.” It seemed to be leaking air…

I decided it was time for a diversion. I left the basement, and decided to make some comfort “ Keto” style food. When I’m stressed, I cook, or clean.. it calms the savage beast that takes over my mind..

Also I prayed… for the day, for the health care workers who are tirelessly out there on the field, and on the front lines, looking after us all. For all those afflicted with this corona virus, and to all the families out there waiting, and worrying how everything will turn out. So much unsureness of the every day, the basic things we take for granted.. are now.. at a stand still. It is frightening.

Time to cook, and create… even if it’s just cooking for one…

some guacamole
Le voila… 2 eggs, green onions, hard white cheese seasoned with dill, spinach, cracked salt and pepper. I think it’s healthy… I know it was tasty..and topped with fresh guacamole

When I distract myself from a problem, there becomes the need to clean up, or tidy something. I adore aprons… in fact I collect them. They are sentimental to me.. Whenever I travel, I am on a search to find an apron that speaks to me, and says, “ put this on and make something… you will feel better.” My Grandmother, my “ Nanny,” who lived out in Regina, Saskatchewan, put on her fresh apron every morning after getting cleaned, washed, and dressed. If that apron was on, you knew that she was ready for action. She was an incredible baker.. me.. not so much. My cousin Cory is a wonderful baker. She is better at reading directions than me.. she is “ Yoda” with baking, and I am “ Darth Sideous.” “ Good with baking she is.”(The Star Wars reference is for her.)

It turns out I have 25 aprons.. I guess “AA” means something different for me.. I once was told I may have an issue with too many throw cushions.. whaat?.. are these vices really gonna land me on the show “ Hoarders?” Stay tuned.. anything is possible.

Apron that was my Mum’s from
1963(her bridal shower), the other aprons were my Nan’s…

Adopting the habit of putting on an apron in the morning, for whatever I’m about to do.. I feel better prepared, like both my shoes match, my teeth are brushed, and I could handle anything..

Which was good, because I went down to the basement to try and let some pressure out of the well pump.. I twisted it ever so slowly.. so as to not let a geyser ocur. Well… too much… I had another impromptu shower in the basement in my clothes.. cuz she blew.. and then I tried to push the gage back on to stop the eruption.. but not before soaking my apron… and myself… brilliant.. not so much..

Ok… time to sit down and blog instead… this feels safer… while I dry out… Yay.. it’s not yet noon… lots can still happen during this day.

On the bright side, I may not require a shower tommorrow… see.. cup half empty.. or something like that..

5 thoughts on “Current state of affairs.. on a Tuesday

  1. Hi Jill. I hope your water pressure problems are solved. I don’t think you live in the Ottawa area any more or I would try to help once Jean and I are out of quarantine . We are just a week out of California so we have another week to go. Just this morning we were reminiscing about our times at Hamer Bay. Think of your Dad often at terrific role model he was – your Mom too. -gracious people. We trust the Lord will continue to give you strength as you share you gift of writing with us.


    1. Hi Frank and Jean:
      Thank you, .. how I miss Dad, his wisdom, strength, love, dry sense of humor, his love of people, Jesus and family and friends.. So blessed to have an earthly Father like I did. It’s hard to see Mum as she is now, can’t see her
      at the retirement home right now. These are unique and challenging times.. Hamer Bay was Dad’s favorite place… Mums’ too I think.. I live in Constance Bay. My plumber called shortly after the water episode, saying he was on his way over with a new tank.. just like Jesus.. never early.. just on time…even though it feels a tad on the maybe too late.. keeps me praying..


      1. Thanks for your note, Jill. For some reason it did not show up on my feed until today. So sorry you are still having problems with your pressure system. Have you had your tank replaced yet? Is yours a deep or shallow well pump? When we lived on Century Rd we had a pressure system and we have one at the cottage. I have maintained them all my life. Please let me know if i can be a help. We live at Commodore Quay, near Bayshore, so are not far away from you. Jean and I are getting out for our 4-5 Km walks each day and with our various Zoom meeting we are kept busy. Jean also just finished a 1000 piece puzzle of two loons and I am building a scale model of the Bluenose. Frank


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