The Changing Light…

Pink…with a hint of orange in the glow that was a beacon to the light that glistened off the castle. Ruins… but still emanating the thrill of first sight… first chance as the sun crested over the river.

What could it be…. what was this glow that captivated and drew in the observer?

For just a moment it stayed.. and then was gone, as if never even there.. the memory… silhouetted in the distance ..

The princess exhales… was it but just a dream, an illusion of what could be.. surely.. it is there.. secure… not just a fantasy.

Color.. come not be frightened by the fear of the dark cascading all around… it shall wait.. for the sunset.. it is promised.. like a lovers kiss.. not to be forgotten.

Of nights left unawares of the glorious triumphant beckoning of the sky to come nigh… come closer… and closer still…

It crests… the color.. bursting forth, like the first time, so pure.. a myriad of cotton candy so sweet, the tongue cannot contain .

The darkness descends… slowly.. the blanket of cloud falls heavy upon the water… but the sound… the gentle lapping of the waves surrounds, and lulls…

The dramatic spire pierces the night sky daring it to duel.. to draw its sword, but it cannot, it is waiting… it is not yet time, for the battle is just beginning.. the night sky is gathering its wind, it’s soldiers… it will not be this day…

It is cold here on this balcony overlooking the great river.. my hair blows about me as the wind raises up… the gentle sound of water beneath is more than I can bear…the spires point to the heavens, as the darkness descends…

It is then that the dreams come, unhindered thoughts that were gathered throughout the day, bubble up from  the surface of the subconscious mind. There is a myriad of combined images that create an uncommon cohesion of a makeshift movie, that makes sense during the slumber.

How these oftentimes disjointed renderings fit, makes no sense upon the waking hours.

The water laps gently upon the rocks, and lulls the body into a restful state.

The expanse of blues, and the shading is enticing on this majestic river, such an important waterway to the world.

The depths hold mysteries as old as time, sunken ships, and buried treasures lay in wait to be rediscovered.

Evergreens line the shoreline, and create green mountains as they silhouette the skies.

Gentle flags gracefully wave their colors to the passerby. It is a reminder of where we are, and who belongs to this land.

The lighthouse with its tower is painted by nature a verde green at its tip, and stands alone, with a small white shanty at its base.

The lighthouse beckons  and draws the sailors in, knowing it stands for safety, and is symbolic of hope eternal during the storm. The light from the glass turns in a 360 degree rotation, and promises to not let its’ lamp go out.

It is secure, and trustworthy, and we are drawn to it, because it means salvation, and coming home.

These huge cargo ships that pass by coming and going like silent piranhas strong and powerful with a stealthy air about them.

A seagull flies overhead, and turns its eye downward, hoping that I have a snack with which  to  share… but then carries on, when it realizes that my hand is barren.

In the bay the docks are lined with multiple sea going vessels, of various styles and sizes. There is the sound of laughter coming from the windows.. Enjoyment and expectation .

A fish jumps quickly, then  with a gentle splash is gone. A sea otter, which we have nicknamed, ” Cleetus”  scurries over the rocks, looking for mice and other delicacies to fill his stomach. He hears us chatting, and slips into the water with such smooth agility, and gracefulness.

We toured Boldt Castle yesterday. The romance of this structure draws you in. A man loving a woman that much that he wants to build her a castle, and then when she passes away unexpectedly, he abandons his dream, because it only mattered when he was building it with her.. whatever was the point of it all without his beloved?

It’s a love story, with the carving of hearts throughout the castle, amongst the shrubbery, on the mosaic tiles, and into the stones. This “Hart Island” was renamed “Heart Island”, and it’s owner even altered the shape of this island to resemble a heart. The power of love.

There is no force so vital, so sought after, so heartbreaking when it is lost.

It is a fascinating place these 1000 Islands, and the history and beauty of it is enticing.

It’s safe to say that it is easy to get caught up in why these people decided to buy this island and create their dream home here. The castle appears as a cathedral statue piercing the heavens with terra-cotta tiled roofs, and gothic spires.

There is an imposing grace about it, and it reeks of grandeur, and walking about the grounds, it is easy to see why people would fall in love with this island.

Yet.. as with many love stories, the ending is tragic, and the fulfillment of the love story ends in death.

Just as Romeo and Juliet were “star crossed lovers,” who were bound together, even though their two families were at war with one another, they were willing to do anything because of  their love and devotion to one another.

I wonder if Louise Boldt, George’s wife,  would have wanted him to finish Boldt Castle, even  after her untimely death?

The loss of the reason for building this castle was his wife’s death, and I wonder if George was so despondent that the idea of being on their beloved Heart Island without his love, was too great a weight  for his broken heart to carry?

There is something so romantic and beautiful to me about this story.

He threw himself back into his work, and accomplished many  more success, but was it just simply going on, and existing, for his children, and what type of man did he become, how did this lost love change him?

A mighty cargo ship passes right by the island, creating a gentle wake, and creating scarcely a sound. It is mesmerizing to observe. It is graceful as it slices the calm water with its mighty bow. Where it is going is a mystery. A foreign destination that I have only read about, but never visited. I can’t even imagine what life on board these great sea vessels would be like.

Being at the Castle, and in the front entrance, with the grand staircase, is reminiscent of the movie ” Titanic.” This, combined with these great ships passing by on the St. Lawrence River immerses me into the story on board this doomed sea voyage. That movie told a great love story that was interwoven with intrigue, and forbidden love.

Observing life on board and in what a grand way that some of the passengers lived was mesmerizing. The discrepancy between the classes, was turned into chaos and horror as the ship hit the iceberg, and began to sink. The ” unsinkable ship” was sinking. It did not matter how rich or positioned the many wealthy passengers were, the middle and poorer classes, all drowned together, and money did not matter. It could not save them.

What truly emerged from the story was the love that bound two people together because of the extraordinary bond that they shared. An unique gemstone… blue as the sea that ultimately would be the grave for so many aboard that ill fated ship.

The water holds such mystery, so many secrets are hidden beneath its depths. The rhythmic sway of the light on the surface, the changing colors, the movement and lull of the waves. It draws you in. The scent of it… All the senses come alive around water. It is life giving… and life taking…

Spending a few days by waters’ edge with dear friends allowed Kathy’s daughter Brooke to hand feed a seagull, which was such a thrill… the simple things like a bird eating from your hand.. that’s the good stuff..

Simple pleasures like just reaching out your hand, and another living creature coming as close as your fingertips, the  trust in you, or perhaps  the natural need to get the cracker, maybe over rides it’s need to be cautious… but the connection response is elation for the human.

Celebrating an important birthday for Kathy, with her Mum, Joyce, and her daughter Brooke for a few days of “Girl time,” made this adventure completely memorable.

“Joyce and Kathy”

There was loads of laughter, shared meals, scrumptious snacks by the pool, and on the balcony, as well as strolls in the village where tourist such as ourselves enjoy wandering.

“Jill and Brooke ”

This is us… my little self adopted daughter who is such a joy, and is embarking on an adventure that I am so excited for her to be on.. growth.. self discovery.. travel….

Talking in our accents of multiple persuasions has been some of the most hilarious times spent with you, even though we think it’s the funniest thing in the world, others within earshot just may have been annoyed….

I wish you bon voyage dear girl… proud of you.. and praying you forward… your ” OM” loves you… and there it is.. love.. the force that drives us forward…and for this we are grateful .

4 thoughts on “The Changing Light…

  1. I felt like I was in a dream as I read your words that created pictures of a blissful time with wonderful women and of lovely scenery ❤️❤️


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