Enjoy the ride……

Enjoy the ride, and sedate your beagle if you have one.   Ha…now don’t judge because she doesn’t particularly like the car.  When Logan, and his friend Nick, and I drove down to Colorado Springs to first meet little “Matilda” the beagle, she threw up in the “Handicrap van” within a few miles of driving down the road. I smile as I recall this episode in “The days of our lives,” because I believe, if I am remembering this correctly, that after the barfing, that she also, then pooped💩💩.

Logan and Nick were around 11 years old at the time, and they were gagging and moaning in the back seat.  This …of course… made me laugh hysterically.

We stopped at 7 -11, and I raced into the store for paper towel and windex, and can I just mention that windex is like a gift from God…it’s such excellent stuff.  The Dad from “Big Fat Greek Wedding,” was so right about it.  It can fix practically any wayward situation of the messy and stinky variety.

So ……my girlfriends suggested that I give my car sick doggie some Dramamine (gravol, for my Canadian readers,) and “Le voila…” she has been a dream.  She has slept, looked out the window, yawned, and slept some more… I am delighted!  This was even “vet approved” for goodness sake.

She only over indulged in “teeth cleaning chews” once while I was pumping “Dot,” the beetle up with gas.  However, in her defense…she is a beagle, and they tend to overindulge in any food that they can!

IMG_5267It has been such a comfort to have her along on this ride with me.  She has sat “shotgun” beside me, as I petted her soft ears, and scratched under her chin, I felt myself relax, and a calmness just spread throughout my body.  Dogs are phenomenal how they are able to lower a persons’ blood pressure.  They are good for the soul.

As we drove from Colorado, into Nebraska, with its rows upon rows of corn fields that promised sweet corn for August, the hot sun blazed  down upon us.  I was reminded again, of the vastness of this land, and its fertile earth, where so much vegetation can grow.

I am thankful for the farmers, especially the cute one I spied driving his tractor along the dusty dirt road!  Hey, I was driving people, and I don’t do that with my eyes closed after all.

It was a hot summer day as I travelled through Iowa, where lots of lush green valleys and gigantic white wind propellers dotted the hilltops.  I passed by signs that just said “Jesus” in the far away fields, and I knew He was also my “shot gun” companion, no wait, correction….,He is my driver, and I love that.

We stopped, and stayed over in Iowa for the evening, and can I just say that “Econo Lodge” is very much as it sounds….eek…it was a tad dicey.  However the dog seemed to relish her accommodations.


She had the bed all to herself, and snored quite nicely, thank you very much.  She has been such a good girl, peeing on the grass when we would stop to fill up with gas, and I only got her leash wrapped around my legs 3 X, so even I am becoming less of a clutz.

Several friends advised me not to drive Dot the beetle/joy-bug/ministry beetle..etc, across the country, and, they were quite correct, because she has had a few hiccups along the way.

Last evening, when we were an hour from Des Moines, her engine light went on.  My heart sank, as I knew that was not a good sign.  Thankfully, I was able to pull directly into a “Love’s” gas station, and shut her down.

As I was attempting to pop my hood, unsuccessfully I might add, I asked a man nearby if he knew how to do it.  We struggled together for a bit, then, thankfully because I had “wifi” Yup…..you guessed it, I goggled it!

These vw bugs like to really hide their hood release handles .  I am not sure why.

I had brought two quarts of oil, and a funnel ladies and gentleman, with me, can you believe it.. I was prepared!  I know, I am quite stunned too, at this change in myself.  Planning ahead..what a concept.

The guy who changed my oil before I started out from Colorado had advised me to do this, and I could just hug him now for that advice.

I checked my oil, with the help of this stranger, at the gas station, and Dot got a fresh top  off of the oily stuff.

His lovely wife, and daughters came back over to pet Tillie, and I gushed all over them about their wonderful Daddy, and what a gentleman he was to help me out.

These little stops along the way can certainly bring about unexpected blessings that lighten your soul, and bring happiness, and thankfulness to the journey.

Somewhere after Iowa, and Illinois, then into Indiana, and Michigan, I got so so sleepy.  It was only about 6 pm, but I could not even keep my eyes open.  I wanted so desperately  to make the trip in two days, but alas, I had to stop again for the night.

Then… there was “room service”… yes… you did hear the heavenly choir singing, as I uttered that magical selection of words.

IMG_5288Can I just say, that a glass or two of white, coupled with a chicken, parm pizza pie was “off the charts”, delicious to the maximum?

The fact that it was delivered to my door, and I , and Tillie shared this feast in the softest, cozy bed together, was almost too much to handle.  Contentment followed, and probably more snoring too.

Her and I are just inside the Canadian border, and I am so reminded of the many trips that I have taken this very way with my family.  Sometimes all of us, with Zach, Logan, Bianca, and Lorin, but lots of times, the kids and I…but now… no more van.. just Dot, Tillie and I.

Things change, but the memories are painfully sweet, and I am grateful for them.  They accompany me, they wrap my heart with the warm fuzzies, and I thank the Giver of all of these good things.

IMG_5279There are so many seasons of life, and so many trips that we take, and sometimes these trips evoke feelings of healing in unexpected ways.

I am finding that healing can only come if you can forgive.  You are set free, only when you let your hurt feelings go, and for me, as I drive, it’s a type of forgiveness therapy that I undergo.  It is exhilarating.

“Joy for the journey,” is what it’s all about. Joy is not about happiness… it’s so much more.  Joy is contentment, no matter what the circumstances.  It’s finding the beauty in the open blue sky, the bumble bee that tries to fly in your window, the velvety softness of your dogs’ ears, your hot coffee in the morning.  It’s gratitude, and it makes all the difference.

Did I also mention that I adore hotels?  Well, I certainly do.  They speak to me of adventure, of wandering, and these  things fill me up, and give me pause to rest my head upon a fluffy white pillow…thank you Jesus for this day…for your protection, and your endless provisions…

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