The crash of the waves….

This is the view from the lanai, and what more needs to be said when one is greeted by a lovely palm tree outside ones’ door.  As I opened the sliding door the first morning, the fresh, warm fragrant tropical air made me breathe deeply.  As I tuned into the lovely chirping of happy birds, my eyes scanned the surrounding area, and I was at ease..I could breathe, it felt as if I was a million miles away from sorrow, from heartache.  This  was a welcome oasis, and I smiled with wonder, excited to greet the day, and refreshed and renewed by the promise of an adventure at the beach.  There are certainly so many reasons why people refer to Hawaii as paradise, because it’s almost as if God said….” in the middle of one of my vast oceans, I shall put a wonderful  group of islands formed by lava, where gorgeous flowers will flourish, delicious fruits and delectable coffee will grow, the air will be moist, and the sun will shine down continually.  I will bless this place, and many of my people will come and relax, be renewed, and they will find pleasure, and will be filled with thanksgiving for these gifts.

When I caught the first glimpse of the incredible turquoise ocean, and heard the sound of the crashing surf….I was just so glad.  I felt the grin start upon my face, and before I knew it, I was just giggling, gazing with awe on this view that just takes your breath away.  There is something so soothing, so beseeching about the water, the power of the waves, the marvelous creatures that live in its depths.  Apparently whales have been seen to be swimming by this  time of year.  Seriously whales….man..I love creation, with the diversity of spectacular creatures, both in the sea and on land.  There is no possible way that  I could ever tire of seeing and learning all about them.  All I can say is that the master artist has a creativity that blows my mind.  We can apparently swim with the manta rays at night.  This seems somewhat scary to me, but also quite invigorating.  We can’t touch them, but they swim super close to you, and as they glide by with incredible grace, can sometimes touch you.  I may literally stop breathing if this happens.  I feel like a little kid in a candy shop who doesn’t know what to try, or what to experience first.  There is so much to see, and touch, listen to,  and feel, my mind cannot possible take it all in.  I feel like “Jane of the jungle,” except I’m residing in a very lovely condo….haha.  I’m not living a rustic existence, I’m just pretending….don’t judge.


I may  stay here forever, I know I’ve only been here a day or two, but sometimes that’s all it takes in a place to know where you belong.  I thought I really loved the snow, but the wonder of all of this is pure bliss,and well it just makes me happy.

” Oh Lord my God..when I in awesome wonder..consider all..the worlds thy  hands have made..I see the stars..I hear the rolling thunder..thy power throughout..the universe displayed…then sings my Father God to thee…how great thou great thou art…”       I can’t help it..this  hymn just jack  knifed into my brain, and I felt compelled to break into song…I am inspired..I am delighted…..truly in a place of wonder…just in case you didn’t notice…I am overwhelmed.

What an incredible feeling to be experiencing life on these lava rock islands in the middle of the Pacific.  There is a profusion of lovely scents, and sounds that intoxicate my senses at all times.  It almost becomes more than I can take in at times.  Watching the glorious bright orange sunset from the Lava Lava Club was exquisite.  The moon was big and luminous last evening as it boldly shone brightly at my dear friends’ farm.  That was an experience in and of itself.  I felt like I was in a National Geographic experience.  It was profound.  They are living with wild and crazy really…three boisterous roosters, mongeese, rats, wild pigs, and a multiple variety of other wildlife.  They grow bananas, papayas, avacadoes, macadamia nuts, coffee, and a profusion of other exotic delicacies that are simply too wonderful to behold.  I truly felt like I had gone back to Eden…just a glimpse of what it was meant to be.  The huge banana leaves were bold and bright green, and I learned more in our brief visit there with them than I have learned on many a nature show.  They are awesome….their way of life is pure and unadulterated.  They have joy, deep and rich..and to sit with them in their home in the jungle, tasting exotic freshly squeezed juices was one of the best things ever….so grateful.  It is simply magical here, and so filled with promise.  I also learned that here in this place, if one is fortunate, in the early hours of pre dawn five planets can be viewed in the night sky.  It’s the only place in the world where this can be seen.  Also on the end of the island, one can literally jump off the United that just completely fantastic or what?Obviosly my brain is on maximum overload for all there is to see and do.

Many have come to this place, this  group of islands to seek healing.  I can completely see why.  Bit by bit, you feel pieces of your heart come  alive again, hope begins to rise up in your tired and worn out soul, and you feel like there still might be room in your heart to love again, to risk it all, to know that just because you have laid to rest a precious loved one, you can somehow find the courage and resolve to go on.  Can I dare hope that amidst this deep sorrow, there can be a bandage on my heart?  Can my great physician truly carry me through this pain, and will there ever really be another side?  Here..sitting in the still..I can feel his presence..his delight.  He whispers to me… To just look and see, taste, feel, all I have made for you.  Let it carry you, let me carry you…I am enough…I told you that I would be, and I will not let you down…I cannot…you are my child, and I loved you…..always and forever…there will be in me….I have you….and I will never…ever..ever let you go.  I feel his love letter to me….an incredible promise that cannot be broken.  Taste and see…the Lord is very very very good.   Ann Voskamp wrote a book about 1000 things to be grateful for, and a while ago I challenged myself to write them all down, but I do declare there are multiple thousands of more things to be grateful for that I just had not noticed.  How very much I take for granted…..It is now Sunday morning, and I worship you Lord are good, you make my life full…you have blessed me with this time, this healing place..thank you for all that you have done and all that you have yet to do…….And now……time for the beach..the pool…a swim in the warm sea….laying beneath a palm tree….a walk on the beach….the choices are endless, and I truly am carefree as a young child…curious and hopeful for what this  day will bring….this is sanctuary…

2 thoughts on “The crash of the waves….

  1. What a beautiful , guided tour of you Special time in Hawaii,So thankful you were able to spend that special time in such an outstanding Paradise! Love you ,take care,love, mom.


  2. Hello Jill, I really enjoy your blogs!!💖You express exactly how I feel in Hawaii as well. It is Gods sanctuary! 😄 We’re off to Kauai this weekend for a few weeks & then Maui for a few weeks! Love it there!
    I agree that this is a great place of healing!
    God bless you & your family!
    Love your cousin, Jolene (Patterson) Wilson
    PS: Denver is beating New England❤️


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