Girlfriends Extraordinare…..(ode to my girlfriends…you know who you are..)

image image image image image image imageIn a word..well quite impossible to describe really..The reality of the importance of girlfriends in ones’ life cannot properly be described.  They are the most precious of gifts, and times shared with each of them is always filled with a mix of laughter, tears, sharing of your hearts, and sometimes when something is very funny..a snort can erupt amongst the laughter which is truly the best compliment to a moment shared together, and when ones’ friends does make this most audacious noise, it simply allows for further sharing, because once you “snort” with someone you are theirs for life, and they you!  In (a word) you own them!!

In truth..this morning I was collecting emails from my friends, and I was awestruck…how did I become this fortunate, this blessed?  To have  known, and to know such extraordinary, inspiring, smart, beautiful, funny women..and to call them all friends..not just aquaintenances  you understand, but these are “ma peeps.” They truly know me..and wonder of wonders..accept and love me anyways…How can this be?  I remember growing up, a family member saying to me( and I won’t say who???,) “How can you need this many friends?”  I remember thinking…wait…is this  a bad have many friends?.. Somehow I knew instinctively that this was not the case..having friends to surround you, and offer you grace, pick you up when you fall face down in the dirt, these were the people who truly “got you”, and stuck around to encourage and enlighten you, and they knew that you would do the same when their time came around, which it inevitably would.   This was the good stuff of life, and to share  with these loved ones was certainly going to be one of the many things that would get me through.

It is interesting to think about how some friendships occur, and what draws us together.  It is a raw chemistry of sorts, and perhaps time and space and opportunity does play into its’ attraction.  Thinking back on the first friendships that I made, there was always a common thread winding through, that of joy and laughter.  These people make me laugh, allow me to find and appreciate the joy that is life.  Don’t get me wrong, we all know “life is like a box of chocolates,” (thanx Forest Gump,) and you don’t know what you are gonna get, but how reassuring to know that some of the exquisite sweets that come along side you in your journey in life is your girlfriends.  I am taking the time to reflect and remember some of the wonderfully crazy antics that I have enjoyed with friends, and I just sit here and smile.  I am so deeply thankful for each and every one of you, and yes you do know who you are.



This past weekend, two friends and I decided to go paddleboardingvout on the lake.  The day was starting off very hot and sticky, and this seemed like a perfect plan.  The excursion should have been straight forward, however, we had two paddle boards, and one floating dinghy type thing.  I developed a dumb migraine on the drive over, so it was decided that I would do the floating, and we would attach a rope to the paddle board and my friend Jeri would paddle me…First sign that our system might not work too effectively came when she started paddling.  Because the floatation thing I was in was circular, I just keep spinning from side to side and creating quite a drag on the paddle board.  Of course I found this humorous and began to giggle.  She worked hard at paddling, but we were going nowhere fast.  I kept egging her on, but we were funny looking.  We finally were able to meet up with our other friend Laura, and we headed downwind  on the lake.  It was a wonderful time..we sat and chatted, and sunned ourselves, and thoroughly enjoyed one another’s’ company.  The funny part came when we decided that it was time to paddle back up to the beach where our lovely picnic lunch was waiting for us.  Now I was doing the paddling, and Jeri was on the “floatie.”  At first just I pulled her, then either she or Laura decided that if she hung on to the back of both of us, and I just paddled on my left, then Laura would just paddle on her right….and we should go incredibly quickly and!  We were paddling and paddling, putting forth a good effort thinking we were actually propelling ourselves forward.   We kept encouraging one another that while it appeared we were going nowhere fast, we were in fact getting closer to our destination.   Ok, so we were way off…and we realized this finally after much laughter and effort because the group of colorful canoes laying on the side of the water..well we could not pass them…Jeri kept saying to Laura and I..”we can’t give up…we can do this!”  She was a great little cheerleader however it eventually dawned on us, amidst more laughter and snorts that we were in effect, paddling in place.  This made us giggle more when we realized the spectacle we were possibly creating for the homeowners that were potentially observing us, and I’m sure smirking, and wondering if we were not all “wrong in the head.”  We decided that I would break free and head back to the beach to unpack our lunch, Jeri would take Laura to shore, she would jog back, and Jeri would paddle back joining me…..So much fun..see..all you doubters out there..”we figured it out,” as the guy “Joe” from Blues Clues  would say…and yes to answer your question, I do watch a lot of cartoons, I’m just that advanced you see…ask me anything…and I can tell you which are annoying to the max, and which ones I like..I consider myself a proficient judge and a critic of Children’s shows….and yes I am aware of how deep I am.



As we sat at our lunch, and enjoyed our bounty of fresh veggies, hummus dip, Thai spinach salad, cake pops, and prosecco(Italian champs…very delish,) we just enjoyed being together.  We shared stories, and we just enjoyed being heard and being known….we are often very silly together, but it is oh so great to have gals like this that come alongside you, comfort you when you weep, pray with you, share your hopes and dreams, and spur you own to go it another not give up, even when sometimes things seem bleak….what would I ever do without these “pink flamingo” friends of mine?  There is another story there in regards to why I refer to us as these audacious hot pink birds, but perhaps I will share that with you at another time…you will laugh…..



I made a list of favorite here goes:

p.s.(they are not necessarily in order at all…)

sharpies…I love all the colors✏️

photographs…of family, friends, scenery…life..I would run into a burning building to save them

bikinis….they remind me of vacations taken with friends…places I’ve been👙

oh yea..girlfriends of course👠👛💄

family….with all of their and my baggage👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

👧🏼my children..each one so precious and unique and beloved👶🏼

my two children that went to heaven too early, and are awaiting my arrival👣👣

my husband….he has grown with me, put up with me…been on this journey….and yep I still love the guy👦🏽

Jesus Christ…my Lord, friend, Father, and giver of so many blessings🙏🏻

parents…love my Mum and Dad so very much👨🏼👩🏼

travelling and adventures✈️⛵️🚠🚲

beauty that surrounds me🌞🌖☔️

and of course great food🍺🍰🍫🍛🍡🍓

I am sure I will be adding to this list as I think of more things that I enjoy…..but I’m finding that this writing down of things, and seeing it in the written word has brought an awareness, and a peace to me that I didn’t know I was lacking…it is relaxing..who knew?  I want to say a big huge type thank-you to those of you who encouraged me to write down my thoughts for many years.  I fought you on it, and did not realize I would enjoy myself….I guess I had better listen to my friends more…I use to always say that I really wanted to have a talk show, but would discourage guests attending, because in truth, I wanted to do all the talking…because well..I love to talk… annoying….but now just taking the time to sit, write, read and listen…it has been so enlightening to me… Friends are precious…they are irreplaceable, and I am so filled with gratitude for you all….thank you for gracng my life with your presence…you are one of Gods’ greatest gifts…

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