Shine….and the Big Break

Jilly Brandon

As I stepped out onto the balcony, on a cold still night, my only thought was to enjoy the fresh fallen snow, and the deep and peaceful quiet of a Winters’ evening.  before  I knew it, I was face down in the snow,  in my flip flops…I know..I know….why was I wearing this type of foot wear in the snow…..??were  blown out beside me….I lay there a moment in shock, not quite realizing what had just happened.  I had no idea what invisible force had tripped my legs out from under me…but I wasin quite the cold predicament!  I rolled over, and sat up, but as I struggled to my feet….owwww..the right foot was not behaving itself…it seems something was sprained or broken….oh puleese  not the latter.  I decided that since it was very late and my daughter was in bed, I had to hobble off to bed.  I hopped…

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